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Uno spot per Focus in !

Commercial of the italo-french magazine Focus In (
Director Sara Grimaldi (


Matteo Pellegrinuzzi - Cinematographer

Vincent Remy - 1st Assistant Director

Sophie Julien - Production Assistant

Macha Ovtchinnikova - 2nd Assistant Director

Anissa Cherfaoui - Script Supervisor

Jill Joujon - Make up Artist

Laura Lemmetti - Costume Designer

Luca Grappi - Sound Engineer

Lucille Dubois - Editor

Stéphanie Desbourdes and Anthony Morgan - Composers


Ilena Antici - the girl on the bicycle

Valentin Papoudof - the man in the office

Dominique Civil Costa, Greg Catel, Nina and Annie - the family

Franco Lombardi and Romain - the grand father and the child

Christophe Truchi and Adrien Brusorio - the french and the italian supporter

Francesco Barrosi - the italian teacher

Nicolas Percereau - the french teacher

Eleonora Marino and Eric Gautier - the couple

jeudi 9 octobre 2014